PS Capital Partners is a private equity holding firm founded by Paul Sweeney and Paul Stewart. With access to equity capital provided by high net worth individuals and family trusts, PS Capital Partners "invests, builds and holds" long-term equity in businesses. The firm targets investments in manufacturing and process businesses located in the Upper Midwest with revenues ranging from $10 to $50 million. PS Capital Partners invest- not only in businesses- but in people. Possessing over 40 years of combined experience, Paul Sweeney and Paul Stewart are seasoned private equity investment professionals with past experience and success in bringing out the best in management teams, sellers and service providers to close transactions and build businesses.

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In today's transaction-driven environment, Paul and Paul believe that relationships still matter and that all capital is not the same. They are trusted partners in private equity investing with an established reputation of working well with management teams, sellers, investors and service providers. Experience, a loyal and patient investor network (PS Capital Partners' Investor Network) and a long-term commitment provides PS Capital Partners with several advantages:

  • flexibility to partner with management teams in building long-term value
  • understanding of and sensitivity to sellers' objectives and needs (economic and non-economic)
  • ability to move quickly, decisively and discreetly in structuring and closing transactions
  • access to a network of highly-experienced deal financing sources, including senior lenders and mezzanine firms

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PS Capital Partners' "invest, build and hold" approach to private equity has resulted in the successful investment in several businesses in the Upper Midwest over the last few years. The firm continues to seek new investments in stand-alone businesses or add-on acquisitions for its current portfolio of companies.

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