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We are dedicated to our “Invest, Build and Hold” strategy and building shared, long-term value. With a relationship-driven investment philosophy, we work to cultivate solid partnerships with our management teams and business owners. Hear more about our approach from some of the business owners we’ve worked with.


“I first partnered with PS Capital in 2005 in the management buyout of Sharp Packaging. Since Sharp, we have enjoyed working together on a number of projects, including PS Capital supporting me in my vision to build a diversified specialty packing business – PAX Holdings.

Through the years Paul Stewart and Paul Sweeney have exceeded expectations. They bring to the table not only the patient capital their firm has become synonymous with, but a dedication to integrity, strategic insight, professional networking and corporate development expertise. These are valuable and rare qualities, underestimated and underdeveloped by the majority of players in the world of private equity.“

Jim Kornfeld – President & CEO, PAX Holdings; Former CEO, Sharp Packaging


“Patient capital! In our asset-heavy business--this has been a key differentiator in supporting our team’s ability to execute our strategic growth plan since 2005 (that is patience!).  The flexibility of the 'PS model' provides our team a foundation that has allowed us to ride out the 2009 economic downturn, opportunistically acquire an add-on business, consolidate operations and further grow internationally with a second opportunistic acquisition of a bankrupt US Company’s Mexico operation in 2014. Paul, Paul and Mike bring a wealth of business acumen to the table through their combined experiences and networks further assisting/challenging/encouraging the team.“

Jeff Clark – CEO, Waukesha Metal Products


“Ten years after selling my company I was approached to repurchase it. For me to go down the path of using an investment partner I had very specific qualifiers. During my evaluation to repurchase I was introduced to PS Capital, who checked all the right boxes and in a matter of days put forth a comprehensive proposal.

Nine years later, Paul and Paul continue to be true to their word – their handshake is their bond. If you are looking for a partner who brings a wealth of knowledge and support, truly listens and puts forth the effort to understand your needs I highly recommend PS Capital.“

John Zea - CEO, International Thermal Systems


“From the perspective of a long-time owner and company president, what distinguishes PS Capital from other equity groups, is their absolute commitment to an honest, straightforward negotiation. You hear words like this tossed around all the time, in mission statements and advertisements, but PS Capital Partners actually lived up to these ideals from the very first meeting to the closing.“

Terry Welch – Former President & Majority Shareholder, Prime Leather Finishes


“I first met Paul and Paul in 2006 when looking for a partner to help fund the buyout of the business I was running, and within 6 months we closed the deal. At that time the company was generating $14 million in revenue with 124 employees. When we sold the company in September 2016, the company was generating $80 million in revenue with 600 employees.

Paul and Paul provided me ample room to run the company and were always accessible to provide oversight and a great deal of resources. Our strategy evolved over time, and PS Capital’s extremely patient capital proved to be a great fit. We worked through growth periods, regrouped, and then dug into operational efficiencies until the next large project or distressed acquisition opportunity came along.  We didn’t plan on being with PS Capital for 10 years, but we were, and it was a great 10 year run with outstanding partners in Paul Stewart and Paul Sweeney.“

Scott ReppertFormer President & CEO, Superior Health Linens

Steve-hughes-Engineered-Customs Coatings

“I have been a business leader in the paint and coatings industry for 28 years and had spent the most recent 12 years under private equity ownership, from middle market to large, global equity partners. Through the experience of executing a buy, build and sell model, I was ready for an endeavor that was more long-term in scope. PS Capital’s approach was exactly what I was looking for. After two years of searching together, we found the right opportunity. Not only are these three gentlemen exceptional business leaders with a great reputation, they are genuinely very nice people and terrific mentors to me.“

Steve HughesPresident & CEO, Engineered Custom Coatings

Ken-Burton-Finishes Unlimited

“Having an extremely complex transaction selling two companies, one an 'S' corp and one a 'C' corp where the majority owner was an ESOP, selling was far more difficult, and expensive for both sides, than any of us imagined. PS Capital was great to work with and demonstrated extreme patience and competence in addressing the ESOP issues. Unlike a 'build + flip' private equity firm, since teaming up with PS Capital, management has been given the freedom and encouragement to operate based on long-term growth objectives.“

Ken BurtonFormer President & Majority Shareholder, Finishes Unlimited and Composite Coatings


“Coming out of the 'great recession' my company needed to recapitalize and improve its balance sheet. While we were not necessarily in a preferred industry, Paul and Paul understood our vision, liked the fundamentals of our business and believed in me as a leader. What I most appreciated was that they structured our deal to align our interests so that we could all win together. Their flexible approach supports decisions that are good for the company whether short or long term, which is a perfect partner for an owner operator like myself.

Not only did PS Capital bring all of these positive things to JTS Direct, but most of all I enjoy and trust them as people and am happy to call Paul, Paul and Mike my partners!“

JT Shinners - President & CEO, JTS Direct


“I have spent my entire career in the investment business and had the opportunity to invest with several private equity groups. Back in 2001, the Pauls and I teamed up to help a mutual friend in a management buyout. It became quickly evident to me they possessed significant experience in deal structure and had an in-depth knowledge of acquisition financing. What has set PS Capital apart from others in private equity over the years is their intuitive sense of a good deal, and once an investment is made, their ability to positively influence the outcome. And as talent attracts talent, the high-quality management teams they’ve partnered with have been key in achieving favorable outcomes.

I have been a member of the PS Capital Investor Network since its formation, which is an impressive collection of individuals. Although the PS structure allows the flexibility to evaluate each opportunity and investment amount separately, I have never missed an opportunity to invest with PS Capital and am happy to be the largest investor in almost every deal.“

Ted Kellner Founder, Fiduciary Management Inc.


“I first met the founders of PS Capital in the early 90s, well before they ever thought about Invest. Build. Hold. As an active investor in private equity, I was very pleased to join the PS Capital Investor Network early on. While I can easily speak to their experience and track record, which are top notch, to me, the reason I invest with PS Capital is straightforward; the principals are good people who consistently put the interest of their Investor Network above their own.“

Looe Baker III - Retired Senior Executive, CH Robinson

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